YUNMAI Mini 1501 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Body Fat Scales, balance connectée avec masse corpoprelle

Cette balance connectée ou pèse personne connecté YUNMAI 1501 Mini Smart Fat Scales utilise la technologie BIA pour mesurer avec précision votre poids corporel, votre graisse corporelle, votre IMC, votre taux de métabolisme basal, votre masse musculaire, votre masse osseuse, leurs protéines, votre taux de graisse viscérale, leur âge physique et leur masse humide.
La Body Scale adopte 4 capteurs de pression de haute précision, ce qui vous donne une analyse de données plus précise. Connectez-vous à l’APP et les mesures du corps seront envoyées instantanément à votre smartphone chaque fois que vous vous pèserez, ce qui vous permet de suivre facilement la perte de poids et les progrès de votre santé.

Détails YUNMAI Mini 1501:
• BIA technology
Utilizing the latest BIA technology, the electric current is sent through the body via the scale sensors to accurately estimate your body’s stats
• 10 items of body data
Collects 10 physical indexes, you can know all the percentage of your body composition: body weight, body fat, BMI, basal metabolism rate, muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fat level, physical age, protein, moisture mass
• 4 pressure sensors:
4 high-precision sensors of this body fat scale ensure consistent and accurate measurement, the scale can withstand 150kg with graduation increments of 0.1kg
• User-friendly LCD Design
Clear LCD screen, applicable to any reading preferences
• Get more experience from APP
The APP will give you the professional fitness scheme, diet plan according to your health condition and your goal
• Intelligent identification – multiple users
The scale can identify multiples users according to the recorded information, so you can add your family members to the APP
• Step-on technology
No more tapping or turning on a switch to use the scale. Just step on the scale and then you get an instant readout
• Cloud data storage and anti-lost setting, give you a long-term body index analysis
• Powered by 4 x AAA battery ( not included )
• Weighing range: 3 – 150kg
• You can download the App by scanning QR code in the English user manual

Body mass index (BMI):
BMI is closely related to the total body fat index, the index is considered weight and height two factors. BMI is simple and practical, it can reflect systemic overweight and obesity. Measure the overweight body, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, it is more accurate than simple body weight.

BIA (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis):
The BIA technology allows you to easily calculate your body fitness by imputing information of gender, height, age, activity level and your weight. In bare feet, this technology sends a low-level electrical signal though your body fat and then measures the resistance the signal encounters. This signal is perfectly safe and will not be felt.

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