Drone Camera Wifi TIANQU XS809W RC Quadcopter 2MP

Les drones RC ne sont pas seulement des jouets à faire voler mais ils ont également un large éventail d’utilisations. Vous pouvez piloter un drone à distance pour prendre une photographie aérienne et enregistrer des vidéos. Le TIANQU XS809W vous proposera cela avec sa caméra HD 2MP grand angle que vous pourrez visionner en temps réel sur votre Smartphone en Wifi.
Ce Mini drone possède une stabilisation gyroscopique intégré à 6 axes, une télécommande 2.4GHz et un fonctionnement à une seule touche pour une expérience plus simple au meilleur prix.
Product Highlights:
– Perfect Configurations: 2MP WiFi camera with wide angle lens, 2.4GHz expansion technique, 6-axis gyroscope, 4 channels operation, colorful light
– Amazing Functions: altitude hold, headless mode, one key return operation, 360 degree unlimited flip
– Target Group: people who are over 14 years old, all levels of players especially for the beginner
1. Excellent Performance
If there’s one thing TIANQU XS809W got right is the performance on this drone.

Advanced Technology
With 2.4GHz expansion technique, the remote control distance is up to 50m, building a more sensitive and accurate performance. You have enough power to make it fun and enjoyable while not worrying about running into a wall. Thanks to the 6-axis gyro flight control, the drone can fly stably and smoothly. Low-voltage protectionprovides more durability to this drone.

Four Channels Operation
This boy comes with four channels operation, which allows the drone to fly roundly including up / down, left / right sideward, forward / backward, turn left / right.

Throwing Flight
It’s also worth mentioning that the item supports throwing flight. You can throw the quadcopter and push the throttle right up, and it will automatically level out and hover smoothly in the sky. This can also be done when the quadcopter is rolling.

2. Wonderful Features
Take on the sky with a personal and multifunctional RC drone – TIANQU XS809W.

120 Degree Wide-angle 2MP HD Camera
One of the key features is 2MP HD camera with wide angle lens. You can use it to capture specific moments as you like. By using wireless transfer with the camera, you can receive the photos and videos from your smartphone. So as to control the drone via wireless connection.

Altitude Hold
Powerful altitude hold function allows you to release the throttle and the drone will keep hovering at the current height, more stable for aerial photography. It also supports three speeds: low / medium / high speed for players in different levels.

3D Eversion
How can we miss 3D eversion? After familiar with the basic operation, you are able to do some awesome and exciting tricks and stunts such as flipping the drone in 360 degree. First of all, fly the item to a height of over 3 meters, press the 3D eversion switch on the right side of the transmitter, then the quadcopter will flip forward / backward / leftward / rightward according to your instructions.

Headless Mode
If you’re going full speed, it moves! Particularly worth mentioning is the headless mode. In headless state, operator has no need to worry the position of aircraft’s headpiece, just controls the drone in accordance with the direction via remote control’s operating rod.

One Key Return
TIANQU XS809W also carries one key automatic return function to meet your needs. When the drone flies too far, you can call it back by pressing the button of one key automatic return, reducing the risk of out of control.

LED Lights
Combined with the bright and colorful LED lights, you will be amazed by this lovely dark elf. When flying in the night sky, they are like the stars which blink and indicate the direction.

– Brand: TIANQU
– Model: XS809W
– Frequency: 2.4GHz
– Gyro system: 6 axis
– Control channel: 4CH
– Control distance: 50m
– Gimbal installation: nonsupport
– WiFi camera: 2MP
– FPV distance: 10m
– Charging time: 160mins
– Flying time: 8mins
– Flight battery: 3.7V 900mAh li-po battery
– Transmitter battery: 3 x AA battery ( not included )


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