Code promo Baisanville Xiaomi Sling Bag à 16.57€

– Lightweight and compact 4L capacity pocket can store book, mobile phone, wallet, power bank, etc.
– Easy to hold 7 inch tablet PC in interlayer pocket
– Made of polyester material, durable, anti-scratch and water-resistant
– Cross stitching in back, tough and anti-slip
– Wide padded strap, soft and comfortable to use
– Smooth draw cord zippers design, protecting your stuff well
– Adjustable strap 85 – 120cm, meeting your different needs
– 10kg load-carrying capacity

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Xiaomi 4L d’origine Sac à bandoulière en polyester pour les sports de loisirs Gris foncé à 19.99€-1€ super points soit 18.99€

Original Xiaomi Sling Bag – DEEP GRAY16.57€Vente Flash100pcs2017-12-31Code Promo Xiaomi


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Original Xiaomi Sling Bag€11.7211nov171200pcs2017-10-31Promotion Xiaomi
DIY 16 in 1 Sensor Module Kit for Raspberry€8.3711nov172200pcs2017-10-31Lien promotion


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